I managed to outsmart my jacket

This week has been so cold; I’ve been freezing even with my long johns on! And to makes things worse, the zipper on my winter jacket is giving up on me! I thought it might be a good idea to get a new winter jacket, but we only have like one month of winter left. And trying to find a new winter jacket when the season is almost over is not easy, so I gave up.

It started a few months ago when the zipper started playing Jedi mind tricks on me. I noticed it would just get stuck, so I’ve been trying to oil it with all kinds of things to get in running smooth again. Coconut oil did the trick at first; the zipper was running like a dream. And then it got stuck again. So I tried some soap, and thought I finally had the last laugh. But I didn’t. After a few more days I tried rubbing a candle against both sides of the zipper. It worked for a little longer, but after a while the only thing laughing was my zipper.

And then, the other day, I zipped up my jacket and it split open at the bottom! So the zipper held the jacket together in the middle only, making it look like I was wearing a green Superman cape. Or something a Jedi would wear – speaking of mind tricks.

But as I mentioned, finding a winter jacket now, with one month left of winter, and when retail is already thinking about the autumn of 2018, is like trying to look for a new winter jacket with only one month left of winter. So I’ll just have to pretend I am Superman with a green cape. But actually, I do have the last laugh, because my jacket has buttons as well! I bet my jacket didn’t think I would be able to outsmart it. But I did.

Song of the day: Kent – FF

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