We have snow

What a week and what a year we are wrapping up. I can’t really comprehend it’s soon December. This year has been a roller coaster in many ways, with a nice conclusion. And on top of that, we have snow. And not just a little snow. 

The snow fell yesterday (or was it the day before?) and is a few decimetres high. Living in Stockholm, you can bet people have been complaining. I’ve already seen people post stories and pictures of the public transportation failing to come on time. Come on – isn’t this done already? Why do we keep complaining? Walk, or get up earlier. If you are going to complain – make a difference. I did however have to wait around 20 minutes for my train to town today, but I set my own schedule so I’m not really bothered by it. And speaking of that, I’ve started working at a co-working space. I’ve had it in mind for a while and finally I found a solution that works.

Previously, I had a coffee subscription at Espresso House. I would sit at Espresso House-cafés around Stockholm, writing away on my laptop. I finally got tired of their terrible coffee and had to try something else. I think their coffee scarred me for life. I don’t mind their carrot cake muffins though. 

By the way, I was robbed recently. Some idiot (idiots?) broke into my basement and stole two guitars. Of course, it’s heart breaking, but on the other hand, the guitars weren’t worth anything. So basically, I didn’t have to throw them – the robber helped me throw away some trash. One of the guitars had a split neck, and the other was a replica – I only had them to hang up on the wall. And taking into consideration that they’ve been in my basement for the past, almost three years, I guess I didn’t really need them. If you have time, you can come by and empty some more crap. 

On a sad note, my grandpa passed the 11th of November. He was my last grandparent. I still haven’t really understood it yet; at least my mother got to see him a week or two before it happened. I haven’t been to a funeral for a while, so this will be a strange experience, come December. Thanks grandpa, you were a cool one!

Song of the day: Kainos – Tømmermann


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