All that jazz

Sometimes you experience weird things without even trying. The past few days have been full of these experiences; maybe I’m just observant, or perhaps I’m an unwitting cast member of Stranger Things. One of the sweeter moments was while I was working about a week ago, writing away at a café Stockholm. Suddenly I hear a dude walk by me, singing a song to himself. And not just any song, it was the jazz standard Fly Me to the Moon. Such an odd song to be singing to yourself. If it were a radio hit, I wouldn’t have remembered it. 

He must have been a musician, of perhaps he just likes jazz. Those moments always give me a little bit of hope for humanity. 

Another, more odd moment, was when I was on the motor road, heading to see Amanda in Västerås. In the distance I see a car on the side of the opposite road, being lifted up onto a tow truck. Guess what the owner does? He films his car as it’s being towed up. It just struck me (again) that we live in an age where filming and documenting everything is utterly normal. But, to be honest, I might have done the same… 

But none of this was as strange as what I saw this morning. I had just pulled out of my garage and turned onto the main street, heading off for work. About 50 metres down the road, a kid on a bicycle knocks a curb and goes flying over his handlebars, and onto the ground. The car in front of mine stops, I stop, and a few more stop, and we all rush over to see if he was okay. He looked shocked but otherwise in one piece, no scrapes and no bruises, and no blood. One of the pedestrians phoned an ambulance, I then checked if they were in control so I could go by my business. They seemed fine so I got back in my car and carried on. If I were five seconds earlier, or later, that moment perhaps would have been different. Isn’t life strange? 

Life is about the details. Some people live life and never notice the details. To me, the details are everything. The details make us who we are. I always try to be better: My strive is to be a better me than yesterday. It’s not always easy – but if I’m able to improve in one small area by one per cent, I will. If I manage that, I’m already doing better than yesterday. This week, I decided to be better at work; to put my phone away and really focus during the hours I decide to work. It works wonders, as it were. Are you better today than yesterday? If so, what have you improved?

Song of the day: Lucky Daye, Spies in Disguise – Fly


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