English football

You could say my holiday was at the beginning of the year when I travelled to the other side of the world. But I’m not complaining because I enjoy working a bit too much!

I’m getting closer to finishing a long writing project, one that I started in May, if I remember correctly (I’ve got it written up so I don’t need to remember). The feeling is great and I can say that I know everything about Manchester United now. I’ve been translating a thick magazine about the history of the famous, English football team. Football is not my thing, but I love learning new stuff and it’s been a sweet trip. 

It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve therefore had time to collect a lot of stuff in my head to write about. I have a note on my phone that I fill up with thoughts and ideas that I would like to write about here. Looking at the note now (as we speak), there are some things that embarrass me a little, and that I probably won’t write about, and there are other thoughts that are more entertaining. And more suitable for my blog. 

One of them includes Elon Musk. Is he the genius we all want to believe? I had a discussion about this with a childhood friend a few weeks ago while out for a walk, and my opinion is that he is not a genius. He is simply a clever dude, with a high productivity rate. I’m not talking about myself (this time). The scary thing is that his words affect the stock market and the way the general public thinks. This just highlights how powerful words can be. We believe what we hear, and we believe what we read. We need to be careful with each other!

He mentioned he would buy Twitter. However, it looks like this isn’t going to happen anymore. But the reason he did want to buy Twitter from the start was that he wanted to promote free speech. Free speech is a blessing, but is equally as damaging if anyone can say whatever he or she wants. And this presents another problem: how do we police who is aloud to say what? The answer is, we can’t. And that’s why our role models today are people with low morals and alternative motives, at best. Obviously, this isn’t always the case, but the opposite isn’t the case either. Elon Musk should perhaps keep his mouth quite, and produce his electric vehicles, as he promised a few years ago. Mr Musk – get to work and deliver your Cybertruck. 

Another thing he wrote on Twitter was that he wanted to buy Coca Cola, “to put the cocaine back in.” I want the emoji with the face with a hand on it – the face of disbelief. 

What are we teaching future generations? I don’t do drugs, and have never tried any heavy drugs; I have however been in touch with drugs and know what they’ve done with old acquaintances. I’ll stick to pineapple for breakfast. 

Okay, I’ve bashed Mr Musk enough now. But I’m sure there will be more nonsense to write about in the near future. 

By the way, running at the gym today went well. I haven’t run for a while because I’ve started using the crosstrainer instead. The crosstrainer is so much easier on the body; running is such a violent act – you strain your knees, hips, spine, hair… Just joking – not the spine. I can’t stress this enough: going to the gym is amazing. If you are reading this, and never workout, stop reading this and work out why you don’t workout. 

Song of the day: Lady Gaga – Hold My Hand


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