Haven’t seen that 

I haven’t forgotten, I’ve just been up to other things. I probably let work take too much of my time, I tend to want to squeeze in as much as I can and forget about fun stuff. Speaking of work, I just finished some work for today. And it’s Saturday. (I started writing this yesterday). I need the monkey emoji when the monkey is covering its eyes…

Actually I had a purpose with squeezing in a lot of work this time because I’m travelling (with work – monkey emoji again) on Tuesday. I wanted to get a lot done so I can enjoy my time abroad a bit more. I’m going to Bologna, not to eat Bolognese although I’m hoping I will, but to check out a trade show for the automotive aftermarket. I’ve been to the equivalent trade show in Frankfurt the past few years, and it’s usually always fun. People are in a good mood and there’s usually always a lot of fun stuff going on. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some stickers for my computer, too. 

I’m also looking forward to checking out the city. I managed to find out that the Swatch store in the area is one of the selected stores to sell the Omega and Swatch “MoonSwatch”. They’ve basically been sold out everywhere. I asked my brother and his partner to check out the store in London as well. No news. So perhaps Bologna will be the place. I’m always optimistic. 

So now it’s Sunday evening, we’re heading towards a new week – and my favourite day, Monday – and I just got home from a walk. We’re right on the edge of summer and the evenings right now are peaceful and full of light. Other than that, it’s been an eventful weekend. I checked out some cars – I’m looking for a new one – and I had a strange encounter with a woman at a café I was at yesterday. She seemed to be in her own world, super tense, and she complained about her coffee as soon as she sat down, and started listening to loud music on her phone while sitting their buy herself. It was a bit unsettling because she felt like a loose cannon. I hope she is okay. You never know what people are going through… We all need a hug!

And speaking of unusual things, I was at the gym a few days ago and saw something I’ve never seen before. Perhaps this is normal, but I’ve never seen this. There was a dude using the leg press machine, and he had packed it full of weights. He was short, and super bulky, like a body builder. I was using a machine just a couple of metres away, so I had to ask him how much it was. “700 kg”, he answered. I didn’t quite understand what he said. “Sorry, how much?” I replied. “700 kg”, he repeated. 

I just Googled this now, and it seems that 700 kg is not uncommon. Still, that is almost two and a half horses… 

Song of the day: The Pharcycle – Illusions


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