Can you see?

A few days in and I’m already a fan of my contact lenses. The experience is a bit strange though; as if I know something that no one else knows. It’s a bit weird. But it is strange having perfect vision without wearing glasses, or having eye surgery. I’ve also noticed that I can see myself better in the mirror, and guess what, I didn’t realise I was this handsome. I’m probably seven per cent more handsome than I thought. And my eye colour? Don’t get me started. 

Okay, enough of me now (again). My bed is not that comfortable right now, by the way. I’ve been experimenting with different mattresses and sheets and stuff like that and I just can’t seem to get it right. It’s a project, and I will get to the bottom of it. 

Other than that, I’ve been pressing on with work. I’m in the middle of a huge translation, translating a book-magazine-thingy. I’ve done several for this client and this specific job is about slavery. It’s been so interesting learning more about this, the slave trade and, quite frankly, how strange us humans can be. 

Oh yes, another thing about my contact lenses: they are so difficult to put it. Today, I was trying to put my left contact in for about ten minutes. I had to have a break and sit down, and build up my confidence again. But I was back with a vengeance and managed to get the contact on. They are still on, and at the time of writing, it’s exactly 21.00, Swedish time. I’ll be taking them out soon. And that’s not easy either. So, what are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Song of the day: Maroon 5 – Never Gonna Leave This Bed


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