Not so Superswede

Okay, let’s get something straight here. Ikea opened up a store in the area I live in, or pretty close by. Before that the closest one was probably half an hours drive from me at least. This one is about ten minutes away but it’s not what it’s cracked up to be.

I think it opened just over a year ago and in theory, it’s a super idea. An Ikea close to me, can it get any better? And then when it’s done and time for the grand opening, all it is is some kind of semi-crap where you can’t really even buy anything… It’s a service center Ikea. They have a small selection of things to buy but there is no information on their website telling me what is available there… So, the point of it is total nonsense. Didn’t mean to ramble on, but I was looking for a floor lamp today and knowing Ikea do furniture I thought I was in for a winner.

But no, I went to the next best place in Sweden. It’s called Mio, and it’s within walking distance from home. Sorry Ikea, you missed me this time! I wouldn’t be surprised if they shut that particular store because the point of it is really strange. I’ll let you know the progress! I know there are bigger problems in the world to solve, like Coca Cola vs. Coke Zero. But this one felt more important.

It has been a productive weekend. A lot of stuff done and even some time for the cinema. I saw a Swedish movie called “Tårtgeneralen”, based on a true story about a man who wants to put his hometown on the map by baking the worlds longest sandwich cake. The title means “the cake general”. It was kind of funny for a Swedish movie. Could have been great but it landed on good. The Swedish film industry is trying so hard to make cool movies, and trying to be cool, that it misses the point in many cases. It is getting better but there is a long way left.

It’s afternoon here in Stockholm and the sun is still up. Tomorrow is Monday and time to get going like never before! But now I need to do some food shopping. Take care!

Song of the day: Jessica Mauboy – I believe



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