The best

Do you remember when you were young and brought your comforter with you everywhere? Or a stuffed animal? When I was young I didn’t bring a stuffed animal anywhere, or a comforter. I brought a toy car with my everywhere instead.

The first car I remember us having as a family was an Audi 80. Actually, that is only half true come to think of it. The first car I can remember we had was a SAAB 99. But the first car that really made an impact was this metallic green Audi 80. It was the coolest thing, and I remember to this day seeing my parents pull up outside our house in that car.

It must have been around there my love for cars started, and also my love for Audi. My first car when I got a license was an Audi – a huge Audi 100 Avant. After that I had four more Audis… I’ve had many cars over the years by the way. More than I realized before writing this post.

When I was little I had a model of an Audi Quattro, the legendary rally car. That car shook the rally world, and also revolutionized the future of automobility. Okay, I’ll spare you the history lesson. For now. Have you ever wondered why it’s called Quattro? No? Well I’ll tell you. It all started when… zzzzzzzzz…

Where was I? The toy I had was a die cast metal model in scale 1:24 I think; and I had it everywhere. It was my stuffed animal, my comforter and my best friend. That last part sounds a bit tragic I know, but it paints a picture of how much it meant to me! I’m not sure how old I could have been. Maybe three or four years old. And I just loved how it looked. So brutal but so cool. It looked like a car should look like to me.

I have two major memories of it; the first is when I forgot it somewhere. My dad was playing drums at a church; he was either rehearsing or playing – can’t remember exactly. And I was with him, and somehow I came home without my Audi! I was destroyed when I realized I couldn’t find it. I was crying my eyes out until we figured out I must have forgot it at church. So we went back, and my dad asked someone there, I think it was the caretaker. Oh, it just struck me now how similar the word caretaker is to “car taker”, as in “model car taker”, as in “Audi model car taker”!!!

Okay, too dramatic. The caretaker didn’t steal it, but he knew where it was! He went to get it and came back and my tears stopped. I got my Audi Quattro back! It was one of the happiest moments in my four year long life. The other memory I have was when I was going to sleep one night.

I held it in my hand when I went to bed, I just wouldn’t let it go. One of those nights stuck out from the rest: I held it when I fell asleep, and when I woke up in the morning it was gone! I thought a ghost had taken it from me! I was devastated, until I got up and saw it dropped on the floor. I rushed to pick it up and hug it and kiss it like never before! Complete again.

Wow, reading through this post made me yet again realize I was not a normal kid. But hey, normal is boring. That stuff is for politicians and monks.

Song of the day: Jesse James Decker – Shoot out the lights




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