Not sick enough

When I woke up today it felt like I was in for a rough one. I woke up with a half swollen throat and I thought a bad cold was on its way; dreading the weekend thinking I would spend it sick.

A friend of mine even wanted to go to the cinema tonight; I told him that it sounded like fun when he asked me yesterday. I had to disappoint him today and tell him I was too sick to go, and also because I knew it would be late, and I need to get up early for work. So I prioritised my own rest to make sure I get better. How very grown-up of me… I impress myself.

I was feeling poorly at work so I texted my personal trainer and told her I am not well today, just to prepare her. She said, “Okay, we’ll adapt todays training.” It went well, I couldn’t go full speed but I pushed enough and now I actually feel better. I literally beat the sickness out of my body. Exercise is the greatest thing; our bodies are made for moving! So we need to get moving more.

But I’m not 100 per cent; I might be at 94 per cent at the moment. But this morning I was around 80. So I’m determined not to spend this weekend sick! No cinema and going to the gym is the best recipe for getting better. Seems to be working so far. Ad a pinch of salt.

Song of the day: Jordin Sparks – One step at a time

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