The greatest combination

Half-term report. Well, half-week report anyway. It is so cold right now; I’m not leaving home without my long johns. In Sweden we call them long underwear (långkalsonger), but for personal reasons I like calling them long johns.

When I walked to the bus this morning for work I thought I was in “The Day After Tomorrow 2”. Believe me I was glad to be wearing my long johns. And guess what, the bus was on time – it hasn’t failed me on my way to work yet. So I didn’t have to freeze for too long. I tried taking the train the other day and it was cancelled. Twice. So I ended up taking the bus anyway.

Apparently the climate in Sweden is changing the way we live. It’s changing the infrastructure. People are becoming aware of the problems every winter, and that the trains never come on time, so people are moving to areas where they can take the bus instead. Isn’t that strange? Perhaps it isn’t. It is interesting though that even in 2018 we don’t have the technology to keep the trains running during the cold season. There’s no stopping nature, no matter how hard we try!

February is kind of a slow month, not too much going on other than the usual grind. But, guess who’s in town next week? Toto! No, I’m not talking about Dorothy’s dog in The Wizard of Oz; I’m talking about the greatest band in the world. I’ve seen them about five times and I probably won’t be missing them this time either. Although this time I don’t have a car. When they were here two years ago I did have a car, and it makes it so much more comfortable to get home after the show – it does make it easier when you need to get up at 05.30 the following morning. I mean, at the time of writing this very sentence it’s 20.09 and I’m already tired, those early mornings are killers. The hardest part though is that I love waking up early, so I there’s not much I can do… I like staying up late also… and getting up early. Too much going on in my head! It’s a combination made in the south of heaven.

Well, that’s all for now folks. I better get some drum practicing done. By the way, I’m looking at getting a camera. Canon 5D Mark II or Canon 5D Mark III? Don’t forget to check out my Instagram: johnstagramm

Song of the day: Rascal Flatts – Bring the family





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