Wake up!

One of the best feelings ever is waking up early on a Saturday. It’s still dark outside, it’s quite and you have the world to yourself. This morning was one of those. The first week of the year has however been slow, everyone is still sick it seems. I was under the weather at the start of the week. I finally managed to get to the office and get some stuff done!

The whole week I’ve gradually gotten better, now I’m probably at around 93,7 per cent of my full capacity! The sicker you are the harder it is getting up in the morning – specially if you need to get to work. But you do it anyway (not if you are too sick), and it usually speeds up the recovery just because you are being active. But this morning was just pure luxury. I opened my eyes, felt fresh and decided to listen to music, all cosy in bed! Highly recommended!

So what do we say about the fact that almost one full week of the new year has past? Well… hey, is that Kellogg’s Frosties in your bowl? I hope not, too much sugar! And in case you didn’t know, cornflakes (yes Frosties are cornflakes, sorry to brake your heart) are some of the most dangerous things you can eat – ask my personal trainer!

Oh, in a week’s time I’m leaving for Spain! I can’t wait. It won’t be super hot but hotter than Sweden and as I love traveling I get to do something I love! Simple as that. Or more correctly: Sempill as that!

Song of the day: Relient K – Give until there’s nothing left


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